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Mining is the best way to make money without breaking the law as a civilian.

Tools NeededEdit

You will need either:

  • Pickaxe
  • Jack Hammer (Requires Engineer License)

You can find the Mining Tools down at the South part of the map. From civilian spawn it is about a 15 minute drive there and back. Take about $5000 with you to grab 2 or 3 Pickaxes and/or $21000 for a Jack Hammer if you have the license needed.

How To MineEdit

Scattered over the map are white circles, symbolising ore. These are the ore veins in which you mine at.

Drive your vehicle into the circle (check your map to make sure you are inside it) and press '2'. This will bring up your personal inventory in which you can see the Pickaxe or Jack Hammer. Hit 'Use' and it will begin mining the ore. Carry on with this method until your inventory is full. Press 'T' to access the trunk of your vehicle, and drop all items. Repeat this process untill both your trunk & inventory are full.

Where To SellEdit

Sfter you have finished mining all of your chosen ore. Head over to one of the two resources located on the map. The first is located in the center of Rasman, while the other is located opposite the Truck Shop. Walk up to the Resource Seller and press 'E'. This will display all the ores that can be bought and sold. Enter the amount you have on you and click 'Sell'. Now hit 'T', presuming your vehicle is close enough, and take out as much as you can hold and repeat.

Be aware that while selling people may rob you, so it may be a good idea for large truck loads to hire a PMC to guard you.